Thursday, April 19, 2007

Off to protect the town of Rock Ridge

What is preschool for, but to take adorable pictures of your kids?! S had this taken a couple of weeks ago--doesn't she look like she's about to round up a posse and go out looking for some varmits?

The girls were awfully excited last night to see Sanjaya voted off "American Idol," and I lost a bet. R and the girls had predicted that he'd be the one to leave, but I thought for sure it would be Chris. I can't say I was too disappointed to see Sanjaya go--he was a terrible singer! But he did have a good attitude and a sense of humor--and some great hair.

Note: can you guess where I got the title of this post? Here's a hint: that cowgirl up there is no sidewindin bushwackin, hornswaglin, cracker croaker!
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Anonymous said...

Such a cute photo! :-)

So glad Sanjaya is gone, too! YAY!!!! My favorite is Jordin. :-)

I don't have a clue on where you came up with the title???? I may need to ask Dan.