Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am definitely down for some rock climbing

We didn't do much for spring break this year, but at the end of the week we decided to spend a night in Fredericksburg and then visit Enchanted Rock. We found a tiny motel that had a room available, I made sandwiches for a picnic lunch, and off we went.

Some of us went up more quickly than others; I think by the time the girls and I reached the footpath, Batman was already at the top.

It was overcast but warm; really it was a perfect day to go scrambling around rocks.

We ate lunch on the other side of this pond, near the big tree.

Batman ran ahead of us on the trail and ended up climbing another rock called Turkey Peak. (I'm pretty sure he's part mountain goat.) We kept seeing glimpes of him as we walked on the trail; I told him it was a good thing he'd worn that yellow shirt, so he'd be easily found when the inevitable rescue helicopters came.

After a few hours we cleaned up a bit and headed into Fredericksburg, which is full of fun little shops and art galleries. On our way home we stopped in Austin to eat delicious hamburgers and spend quality time with the B's at Hopdoddy, and finally got home tired but happy. It was just about the perfect weekend, made even better by the fact that we didn't end up as an episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Next Willie Mays Hayes

Meap had her first softball game Friday night:

On her first at bat, she got her first hit, stole her first base, and scored her first run.

I didn't get a picture of her touching home plate; I was too busy cheering!

She played outfield and shortstop during both games of her doubleheader, fielding two ground balls and looking more or less confident:

Who won or lost is really unimportant; the main thing is that they had fun and looked adorable! Better luck next time--(oops, did I give it away?)