Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm pretty sure we saw the Smog Strangler

So we just got back from HOLLYWOOOOD! Sorry, can't say that without channeling Randy Jackson (yo, dawg). We had a great trip to California--the scenery was amazing, Batman finished his marathon on Catalina Island, Joshua Tree was even better than I'd expected, and Los Angeles was prettier than I remembered. We had a great time visiting with Pop and Baba, and we saw not one but TWO Penguin stores--almost a spiritual place for Batman, and the manager thought it was adorable that both girls were wearing their Penguin shirts. Batman and I went to see "Wicked," which I highly recommend--it was fantastic--and the girls' favorite part of the trip was playing video games at the mini golf place in Anaheim.

And now, I have pictures! None of them are of movie stars, but they do include some of my very favorite people.

Sadly, none of us were discovered while in La-La Land, so now we're back to the daily grind. But we're glad to be back. There's no place like home, you know.

(Seriously, you have to go see "Wicked" when it comes to town. It was fabulous!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Special: she's a little paranormal

On Monday, Special stayed with Grandmom for the day, as she was too sick to go to school. Last night at dinner, she told us this story:

"I asked Grandmom a bunch of times when GrandBob would be home. I said, 'Grandmom, when will GrandBob be back? When will GrandBob be back?' Then one time, I walked in her room, and before I even said anything she said, 'He'll be here in a little while!' How did she know what I was going to say?!"

Either they're psychic friends, or Grandmom has a talent for understanding six-year-olds.