Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Next Willie Mays Hayes

Meap had her first softball game Friday night:

On her first at bat, she got her first hit, stole her first base, and scored her first run.

I didn't get a picture of her touching home plate; I was too busy cheering!

She played outfield and shortstop during both games of her doubleheader, fielding two ground balls and looking more or less confident:

Who won or lost is really unimportant; the main thing is that they had fun and looked adorable! Better luck next time--(oops, did I give it away?)


Anonymous said...

alright, Babe Ruth Jr.!!! Proud of Sydney...a slugger just like her daddy. Baba

pop said...

Seems to me the most important thing is to have an excuse to wear those socks!