Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The More You Know

I don’t have a lot of time to read, mostly on my lunch hour or on the weekends, but I manage to get through a book every week or so. I wish I could finish one every day—going to the library is one of my greatest pleasures, and when I get home I can’t help but start reading right away!

One book I picked up last week was "Sweet and Low" by Rich Cohen. His grandfather started the company that makes Sweet ‘N Low, and the book is one part documentary of the sweetener industry, one part company history, and two parts family drama. It wasn’t a book that I just couldn’t put down, but I did find it interesting and bored R later with some sweetener facts. (The amount of saccharine needed to give a rat cancer is equal to 10,000 packets a day for about 60 years!)

After finishing that I started Steve Martini’s "Double Tap." Martini writes legal thrillers, and I discovered in this book that he’s a Christian. I think I’ve read just about all of his books, and I’d recommend any of them—he’s an author you stay up past midnight to finish!

On my last library trip, I also picked up "The Devil’s Picnic," a journalist’s quest to try foods and substances that have been banned in some parts of the world such as poppy seeds, absinthe, and unpasteurized cheese. Some chapters were more entertaining than others, but the author’s rebellious attitude got a bit tiresome by the end. It did make me hungry for cheese, though. I got extra-adventurous and had some sharp cheddar.

Reading is FUNdamental!


Greg Brooks said...

You made me feel guilty so I'm commenting.

I read a book you would like, it's called "The Omnivore's Dilemma." I liked it a lot.

Anonymous said...

You would love "Eat Cake". It's fiction and the mom is the heroine. Also lots of delicious cake recipes that I will never make because they are too complicated. But, a girl can dream!