Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spring, Baseball, Football, and Winter

This July 4th weekend was kid-filled, with cousins popping up all over the place. The 2 Busy B's came in from Austin on Friday and got to spend a little time with Special and Number One.

On Saturday, Batman and I drove the girls up to Texarkana where Pop and Baba met us to take them on to Tennessee for the week. They had the Arkansas cousins with them, and the kids were so anxious to get going they quickly abandoned the playground where we met, hopped in the van and put on their seatbeats!

I think Pop and Baba are going to have their hands full.

Sunday brought more time with Big B and little b; we went to lunch together and then I got to babysit while their dad and Batman played Ultimate Frisbee. Big B gave me a golf lesson (his advice: "Hit it hard!"). Here he is showing me how to putt into the "hole" we fashioned:

Then we set up blocks and knocked them down again:

And Big B was delighted to sit on Uncle Batman's motorcycle:

The rest of this weekend's photos (including some lovely portraits of the cat) are here.

B and I had a great conversation at lunch. After we ordered, we were discussing what vegetables he liked (that list was very small). I told him that I make spinach cakes that the girls really like, and he said, "My mommy makes brown cake." I do love those spinach cakes, but I think I'd like the brown cake more, too.

Later I asked him (referring to the sporting events on the restaurant's TV screens) if he liked tennis or baseball better. He answered, "I like all the seasons." I suspect the boy might have watched ESPN a time or two with his dad, what do you think?

I so enjoyed seeing all my nephews and my niece; they're such sweet little ones and I wish I could hug on them more often, but then it probably wouldn't be as special.

Speaking of Special, I miss her and Number One already. Is it Friday yet?

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Anonymous said...

Number One looks SO much like you, LAR! I can't get over it!

So glad you had a great weekend. Enjoy some bonding time with Batman while the girls are gone. :-)