Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm busy, busy, frightfully busy

Batman and the girls have had quite a busy month enjoying their summer break. So far they've seen a play ("When You Give a Mouse a Cookie"), been swimming, gone to lunch with GrandBob several times, handed out breakfast to day workers waiting for jobs, gone to the Fine Arts museum, visited a vintage car show, rode the elevator to the top of the Chase Tower (the highest skyscraper in the city), played laser tag, came to eat lunch (Bosnian food!) with me, and taken a long (hot) hike. We saw "Kung Fu Panda" as a family on the IMAX screen, and I think Batman has one more surprise planned before he goes back to work next week.

What have I been doing? Working, that's what. The last class I took (which THANKFULLY ended last week) kicked my behind with papers and research and more papers. My job has had me working very long hours and weekends and I'm pooped. I've declared this week to be "no work at home" week, and so far it's been very relaxing. I forgot for a little while what it was like to have free time in the evenings!

Batman and I watched a show on the Food Network yesterday (am too lazy to look up her name, it's the skinny Italian chick with the big head), and saw a recipe that I tried tonight. It was a huge success, and I've been instructed to make it again every night forever. The recipe is here.

And now I must go. After all these weeks of Extreme Busyness, I've got a lot of TV-watching to catch up on!


pop said...


I'm sorry you are tired and hope you can get some rest while we take the girls off your hands in a couple of weeks. We sure are looking forward to their visit. I'm afraid they may be bored compared to the exciting schedule Batman keeps. Any suggestions.



Anonymous said...

It's funny they call it Summer "vacation" when it's a very busy time of the year. We've been busy, too.

Congrats on continuing on with school though. :-)