Sunday, April 20, 2008

We also have two solariums

After living in our house for a year and a half, we thought it was high time we put some furniture into the living room. After a lot of shopping and not finding what we liked, we decided to turn it into a music room--a place where Number One can practice her violin and where all of us can practice the piano. Much thanks to Target and Craigslist, the proud sponsors of this room.

Here's a shot of the room in use (she really is practicing, not just posing):

We also bought a new (to us) entertainment center, since ours was a good ten or twelve years old and quite wobbly. It holds all our stuff and then some:

It's two pieces; the shelf portion sits on top of the base, and it's the single heaviest thing I've ever helped lift. Batman and I gave the girls an impromptu physics lesson when we levered the shelves up using the big ottoman, and I bit my tongue to avoid giving them a vocabulary lesson as well!

The only thing I'm sad about is that we no longer need any furniture--we're officially fully furnished. So, if you need to go furniture shopping, invite me along and I'll live vicariously through you . . .


Anonymous said...

The room looks spectacular!!!
Can't wait till May so I can see it in person.
And there's always some little something to add.....

DL said...

Fabulous!! I already think your house is as cool as can be...and I think it just got cooler...I wanna know about the chandeliers above the piano....Lovely, lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, LAR! It looks so "homey" and decorated so nicely. :-)

Kim said...

It looks great. I love that you made a music room. I especially love that printed chair.