Sunday, February 10, 2008

Does this mean I have to buy an SUV?

As I hauled soccer balls and uniforms to my car after Special's first soccer team meeting (Coach Batman couldn't make it), Number One asked, "Does this mean you're a soccer mom?"

Guess so. Does that mean I have to wear high-waisted jeans and drive a Suburban?

Number One deemed herself "Soccer Sister," and made sure she brought extra water for her little sis. She also brought along her soccer-playing Groovy Girl doll for good luck.

Special had her first game Saturday, and we think they won--hard to know when we don't keep score--but Special scored two goals! Pretty good for a kid who'd never played before. Most of Batman's coaching involved yelling things like, "Kick it toward the goal, not toward your parents!" and "Go the other way! The other way!" One little boy is already well-versed in the professional soccer tradition of crying over minor injuries, and another little fellow on the other team tried to start a fight, but other than that it was a great game.

I'm saving this photo for NBC to use during the Summer Olympics of 2022.


Greg Brooks said...

Look at you people. It was 25 degrees here this morning and Number One is sunning herself like a gila monster.

I love you all.

Anonymous said...

I do think it's official, LAR! You ARE a soccer mom. :-)

pop said...

She looks like she's having a good time, is she having fun, yet??



Valerie said...

Love The Blog. I Will be back.