Friday, January 11, 2008

And then I died. The End.

Guess what the school sent home for my birthday?



ErinKH said...

Oh no!!! YIKES, but Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that LAR! My head is itchy...just thinking about it.

On a brighter note. Happy, happy birthday, dear friend. :-)

pop said...


1-13-71 on a snowy morning in Cookeville Tennessee
I was awakened by my lovely bride around 1:03
She said “by the way, could we time my labor pains for a while?”
I said nothing, but threw my pants, shoes and her suitcase in a pile.

“Where are you going?” She inquired as calm as could be
I said, “Oh lets cruise around, there’s snow outside to see.”
So we piled into the Ford and drove around the town.
We chatted about the snow sites but with each gasp I frowned

We found ourselves gliding into the hospital parking lot
She said, “What are we doing here?” I said “I think I need a cot.”
She said, “Let’s just sit out here, it might be a false alarm.”
I said, “Oh, lets wait inside, the delivery rooms have such charm”

So we waddled in, one waddling more than the other
And in not too long a while, my wife became a mother.
The miracle of birth is so full of pain and wonder.
On 1-12-71 Teresa Griffin Brooks was my only dreamy ponder.

But suddenly, my love and devotion, reserved only for my bride
Was expanded to include Leigh Angela with equal precious pride.
How could this little person who on Tuesday I did not know
By Wednesday be the owner of my heart, mind and soul?

Now she’s 37 and still retains possession of my heart
She’s even brought to life two more owners, and are they smart!!
Life is full, enriched, contented, I guess you could say blessed.
This poem is done now, I think I’ll go and rest.



PS Happy Birthday