Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Faces

Number One and I got to pick out our new faces yesterday--we visited our favorite optician for new specs! She knew exactly what she wanted and had her new frames picked out in less than a minute. I had to try on just about every pair in the store before I found anything we could all agree on--and yes, those are ladies' frames.

On our way home we picked up Buffalo Wild Wings for late lunch/early dinner (linner?) and called GrandBob to come over and watch the Texans game. Obviously that's what made the Texans win, so now we have to eat wings during every playoff game, to help them win again. It's science.

(They are dubious of my scientific claims. But not so dubious that they'll turn down wings.)


Anonymous said...

contented looking bunch!! and I really really like the new frames on you girls.

pop said...

I think you both look snazzy!! I'm afraid the Baltimore Ravens will keep you from needing to eat more than one more meal of wings. But you never know. I hear their great with ranch dressing.