Friday, April 10, 2009

I also found one of the cat posing on velvet

So I was in a reeeeaaallly boring meeting the other day (is there any other kind?) and started flipping through the pictures on my phone to pass the time. Apparently the small people in my house have been playing with it when I wasn't looking:

Self-portrait of the soon-to-be sixth grader. Graduation next month is going to kill me: "Local woman drowns in her own tears! Video at 11." Although if that one mom doesn't stop talking about how every event is the "last [Easter party, field trip, snack, etc.] they'll have as elementary students" I'm going to kill her first, and then I'll go to jail and won't even have to go to graduation. Mom, take pictures for me.

Note the cool circle decal in the background of the picture--they're all over the walls in their bathroom and look so cute, except for the three that are peeling off because "movable!" is a lie. I'm a huge fan of decals, because they look painted on without all the effort and fumes. The chandeliers on the wall in the living room fool everyone, and I'm about to order another one for the wall above the front door.

Back to the pictures:Self-portrait of The Whistler. She's got five missing teeth, all in the front, and has gotten quite rich off the Tooth Fairy.

Even the cat got into the act:

This one is titled "You Sicken Me; Now Get My Treats."

One of my co-workers took this one:

After I saw this I realized my forehead IS big enough for bangs! So I got my hair cut, and it looks totally different now: I've got all these layers hanging in my face all the time. (Name that Seinfeld episode!)

And because I've not posted a picture of Batman in a while, here he is in Lebanon last Christmas dressed in a record number of Penguin items (12, if I remember correctly):

Doesn't he look hip? Or maybe just obsessed? I swear he'd go to work for Penguin in a second if they had a store in Houston.

I'm so glad my boss got me an iPhone so I could be more productive! Wish I knew what we decided in that meeting, though.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm realllly anxious to see the new 'do, but when did Harper begin looking so growny? I've got to see these babies soon!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

First...I can't believe you have a soon-to-be 6th grader. She has grown up too quickly.

Love the toothless smile. :-)

Love the photo of you, LAR! :-)

Batman looks like the lead singer for some hip rock band. :-)

Carolyn Brooks said...

Post a picture of your new hair!