Monday, February 9, 2009

We're all germophobes now

Today's post is again written by Special. She was out sick almost all last week with the creeping crud that's been making its way around town, and it apparently affected her deeply:

"I was sick for 4 days. I was very sad. I had to do lots of work. I mist my frands. I saw them on Friday. When I came back it was Donuts with Dad [a special breakfast at school]. I din't eat it all. I was very happy to see my frands. And my teacher. I felt better. Lots of people were sick. My sister was being very nice to me. My mommy and my daddy were being very very very nice to me. I love them and they love me! I am so happy that I am at school!

"The End."

We're so glad that the little critter is back to normal! Fingers crossed that no one else catches it . . .


Anonymous said...

Bless its little heart, she had to be sick before anyone was really, really nice to her! So sad...
We're glad she's feeling better, and are praying that the rest of you stay well.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear she was sick, LAR.

All three of us are recovering from colds. ICK!