Thursday, October 18, 2007

At least I didn't call him "Suze"

So there's this new guy at work. I'm not sure of his actual title; he's not in my department but I've had to work with him over the last two days in relation to our new software implementation. He reminds me a great deal of Edgar, a co-worker I once had. Edgar made me want to staple his head to his desk. New Guy should possibly keep an eye out for my Swingline.

Yesterday I was assigned to help New Guy and his counterpart, New Gal, in reconciling some reports in the new software. We'd been talking about their use of the software all morning. Near the end of our meeting, I was listing the types of reports they'd need to run out of the new software and New Guy asked, "So do we need to install New Software on our computer, then?"

Me: (*blink, blink*) "Yes, that would be helpful!"

Later that afternoon, New Guy asked someone else what they meant by saying, "It is what it is." I had a flashback to the Clinton years and said that depended on what his definition of "is" is.

Today I provided New Guy and New Gal with detailed instructions on how to run the reports. The first part of the instructions was to run a list of all open projects and note the project numbers, as that information would be needed for the reports.

New Gal had no trouble.

New Guy emailed me (and this is a direct quote): "Ugh. These directions are confusing. What did you mean by 'make a note?' I tried [long and complicated process of copying and pasting screen shots] but it didn't work."

Me: (*blink blink*, share email with co-worker, wipe away tears of laughter) "I meant literally make a note. You'll need that information later."

But here's the best part: for two days, I've been calling him Bob. I knew his first initial was B, and his name in the email contact list is shown as Robert.

He goes by Bill.

But I think I'll just call him New Edgar.


pop said...

I don't know. I think I can identify with New Edgar. I emailed my boss last week to ask him if he needed the originals of some receipts. He replied (from his blackberry of course) send them to CLT. I checked our Accounts Payable department roster looking for anyone with those initials, could not figure out who CLT is. So, I emailed again - "who is CLT?" - Charlotte, he replied. I lamely replied, well if you would let me fly into Charlotte occasionally instead of driving all the time ...



ErinKH said...

I'd go with Edgar too. After all, he had his chance to get his name right with you...missed it :) It all makes me think of that TBS commercial where "Raphael" who was exceedingly proud of his unique name was being called something very :) Ask me later, and I'll act out the commercial for you if you've never seen of my favorite hobbies :)

Deanna said...

Staple his head to his desk??!?
Poor New Edgar!
It's really hard to laugh and not cough, with this nasty germ I have right now!
You're hilarious!