Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wuv, true wuv

The other night at dinner, Special was pestering us to let her have a root beer float for dessert. Batman told her tht if she didn’t finish her dinner she’d never be allowed to have a root beer float again—he’d tell her husband that she couldn't have them because of how she acted when she was five.

As we laughed, Special informed him that she’s never getting married. She said she doesn’t like to kiss in public, she doesn’t want to have a baby because it hurts, and she doesn’t want to cook. Number One piped up and said, “The reason you don’t want to get married is so you don’t have to buy things for your husband!”

Hee! Just think of the number of shoes I’ve sacrificed on the altar of marital bliss! But then I compare this:

to this:
And I have to admit that the sacrifice was worth it. Happy 16th anniversary, Batman!!

PS You owe me a pair of Manolos.

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Anonymous said...!

That was so sweet, L!!!

Happy Anniversary to you both!