Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Greatest Show on Earth

Today was a really, really great day--work was good, I wore a new dress (Target, naturally, and got lots of compliments), the weather was amazing. GrandBob took the girls to the high school baseball game, and when I picked them up there he was giving them batting practice! He said they weren't bad at hitting it off the tee. S was so excited to see me she went under the netting instead of going around!

We stopped off at the library on the way home, where H picked up six new books and vowed to read at least one per day. Wonder where she gets it.

After bathtime, S demonstrated some of her gymnastics moves for me:

Tomorrow I'll try to remember to get a picture of H's new trick--we discovered Sunday that she's apparently double-jointed in her hip or leg or something, I don't know but it completely freaked me out when she bent her leg back and rested her heel on her hipbone. Of course I had to try it myself, and there's no amount of yoga in the world that could make me that flexible!
Such talent my girls have! Their flexibility will come in handy the next time I feel the need to stuff them in the trunk during a long drive . . .

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